Fake Escorts Amsterdam

Amsterdam in Holland is a great (tourism) based city but also one to take some precaution when Booking Escort Girls. There are alot of agency's active that either do not have a permit, advertise with fake photo's or cannot even provide any decent service compared to professional agency's. We can assure you that is a highly valued and pro escort agency offering outstanding service and Escort Girls. If you like to book, please call +31(6)4432 3372.

A fake agency usually works with fake photo's, which are usually stolen from different locations on the world wide web. Many of those advertised models are not real. It means that even if you would get confirmation on wether it's the girl you will meet or not, they simply send you another or usually one that looks like it. If that is a business practice or not, we leave it aside.

Unreal photo's advertised

What we do know is that many girls who signup to work as escort is that not everybody likes to be presented on the photo's due to privacy or personal reasons. It's a difficult task for any operator to present the girl to clients. But at least as an agency they should mention if the photo's are real or immitation, so you know if that is the escort girl you will meet or not. At Escort Service Amsterdam, we would inform our clients if the girl is real or not. That's the advantage with pro escorts.

If you have a unpleasant experience, the first thing todo is call with the agency and explain the issue. It does'nt make sense to make use of services first after payment, and then complain about the provided services. They will discard your complaint since you already had the service provided basicly. Our agency tries our best to give you the best possible service. Call us now for more info.

Things to consider when booking

If you have any doubts about the advertised service, girls or agency, it's good to know on how to recognize these. You could google the phonenumber and search for any (serious) complaints. You could put the photo's through a search engine that could detect the photo's being used in another location on the internet. It's handy to note if there's a license number listed or not on the website as well.

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