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Escort for couples

With our fantastic escorts for couples, you are never alone. We have the finest selection of escort girls who are fully bisexual and suitable for pairs who look for another woman to share a sexual experience with. You can find these Escort girls directly on our website and make a quick selection. Due to our 24 hours service, it is possible to book a girl at any moment of the day for you and your partner.

Our girls are suitable for both active and passive casual sex. They could perform a show with your partner or please you with the two of them. It just depends on what you both want and when you want it. For bookings please call +31(6)4432 3372 as we are available 24/7. Delivery after confirmation starts with 25 minutes in the centre of Amsterdam. Discrete with no driver waiting!

Escorts for pairs

Not many escort agency’s in Amsterdam can provide genuine and real escorts who are fully bisexual. We have best selection of girls in your area available for bookings. What makes us different is that we both offer high service and top privacy when it comes to ordering one of our escorts. See a list of our escort girls and place your escort booking on our website for more info. Please keep in mind that booking escorts for couples has a different rate compared to regular escort.

Our services start from € 150 an hour. Extra’s are possible but only negotiated with the girl. We cannot intermediate for that. Delivery starts from 25 min. after confirmation of the booking. We accept bringing the girl for couples into known hotels too, without charging extra. Payment is done by cash, credit card, maestro. We can deliver you to the nearest ATM if required.

Couples seek escort girl

We understand that there are various couples who want to experience something new with the visit of one of our Escort Girls – this could be arranged today if you are looking for that one unique experience where escorts are really bisexual and offer both passive and active services. The best part about booking girls for Couples is that the chances of falling in love, which is a common issue with threesome-affairs, is really slim as a girl takes a professional standpoint. This is the reason why our service is so populair. Call us now on +31(6)4432 3372 for more info on Escort for Couples.

Please note that Rates may vary since this is for couples. It is possible to inform about the pricing and it gets even better when there’s booking for more hours. We deliver from 25 minutes and above and ensure the highest form of privacy. Please give us a call or check out our website. It’s possible to Book Online Escort in the region of Amsterdam and further. We have the best (bisexual) escort girls of choice available. Young, older, experienced, curious and much more. Open 24 hours.