Half hour escort

Our clients ask us many times if half hour, or 30 minutes escort is possible. This is not a regular, one hour date but a meeting of only 30 minutes for quick sex in amsterdam. Such meetings consists out of a fast meeting with one of our escort girls to your place or hotel of choice at any time of the day. Our short answer to this is no because it's a difficult situation for both girls, drivers and our staff. What our escort agency can do for you is offer one and a half hour service, which is a bit more then the regular one hour offered in Amsterdam and does not include the full blown price.

Some of our clients prefer such meetings where people can take the time for a small drink, talk and ofcourse intimacy. For more info please give us a call on the number +31(6)4432 3372 as our escort agency is open 24 hours a day. We provide the best escort amsterdam with a selection of various girls willing to party. Our staff does it's best to help you out today with a fancy and sexy looking escort girl. Our delivery starts from 25 minutes in both house or hotel of choice.

Fast delivery

Our half hour escort is known for it's very fast delivery. As written it only takes less then twenty-five minutes for our agency to deliver a selected escort girl in Amsterdam. Wether that's in the centre or outside you can always be guaranteed to have the fastest possible delivery. Our phonenumber is available 24 hours by calling +31(6)4432 3372 or online by escort booking. We will guarantee your privacy when booking escort for at least one hour in your area.

Let us make your evening complete with out of our best escorts in Amsterdam. Half hour escort service is a populair thing for people who dont have alot of time for escortservice in Amsterdam.

Why Half Hour Service Is Populair

Not all people who would like to book escorts are having all the time of the world nor funds and prefer a half hour Escort Service in Amsterdam. It's for this reason that in some occasions a half hour service exists in the first place. A quick blowjob, sex and finish in just 30 minutes. Sounds fun right? Our agency only can offer 1 hour service or 1.5 hour service, but the minimum is always one hour. Please call us on +31(6)4432 3372 for more info as we are opened 24 hours a day.

Both singles and couples are welcome to book escorts in your area. See Rates for more info to get an idea of our average pricing an hour. This includes delivery, a girl and standard service of choice. We guarantee the highest form of privacy and make sure you will only get the best. All our escort Girls are listed on our website and if available, delivered from 25 minutes and above. This applies for both escort at your house or one of the many hotels starting from 3 stars and above.