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Our escort service is constantly on the lookout for new girls at the age of 21 and above. We are a licenced & professional escort agency in Amsterdam and offer work as escort in various cities with a steady amount of clients. It is possible to apply for work as a independent escort girl confirming the rules of which dutch law requires. You can leave your application on which we respond discrete & quickly. Please understand that we work with all the requirements our permit grants us.

There is no exception for work without papers or anything in that matter. Please fill in the application form as much as possible. Working times are always in consultation. You can be invited for a personal intake with female companionship. You can ask any of your questions directly before signing up for work as escort. It's possible to be listed discretely on our website.

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To apply for work by using our website, please note that we only work by the law and do not offer illegal services in any way. This way to ensure the best possible service to our girls, clients and overal appearance as a legitimate Escort Service in Amsterdam. Please note that we take an average 12 to 24 hours to respond to your inquiries working as escort. We will guarantee your privacy and make sure your details are never stored onto our website. We could supply work based in between 2 and 16 hours a day per Escort Girl. Place your online application now and work as escort with our team.

We provide services in various area's and city's near Amsterdam. See a list of places where we deliver. As a escort girl, it's not mandatory to work in the city you actually live. We respect your privacy and for example, not send you towards clients in your own area. Working as a escort provides a exciting time with a high salary. Place your application on our website today and within 24 hours you'll get a response. We will respect your privacy and only use your details for the purpose of work as escort.